Welcome to Bali Resort and Apartment


We are now offering Bali resorts. Enjoy South Pacific Style hotel Management and service. When you return home, you feel as if you are on vacation.



  • While the unites are conveniently located 5 minutes away from the Phnom Penh airport as well as downtown by car, you will not be disturbed by city ruckus.
  • 離金邊機場及市區只有5分鐘車程,鬧中取靜。
  • Bali Resort with big and small pools, open air bar and a children’s playground.
  • 巴厘島風情大小游泳池,露天吧臺,兒童游樂區。
  • We are located in a safe environment where our residences can jog in the morning.
  • 規劃健康步道,早起最安全運動慢跑。
  • The business center, weight room and serene pagoda are all basic amenities
  • 商務中心,健身房,休閒涼亭一應俱全。
  • We have a large Parking Lot and Guards are on duty 24 hours a day to monitor and record the resort.
  • 大空地停車場,24小時保全人員,監控錄影。
  • Residences have access to a chauffeur service so you do not have to worry about parking. This makes things more convenient and safe for our residence.
  • 提供社區派車服務專人接送,免去停車、叫車麻煩安全可靠。
  • Conveniently located next to the Northbridge International School is a driving range, convenience store and supermarket
  • 近美國學校、高爾夫練習場,門口就有社區便利商店及近市場。
  • With an on-site car wash and maid service, the main lobby will prove to be welcoming to all guests.
  • 可代客洗車、打掃房間,大廳會客接待客人最有體面。

One Response to Welcome to Bali Resort and Apartment

  1. BUDIYONO says:

    Dear Bali Resort and Apartement,

    I would like to make enqueries on the long term rental for:
    – 2 bedroom apartement
    – 3 bedroom apartement
    (For comparison)
    For duration of minimal 6months to 1year.

    Kindly inform me on the rental fees.

    Thank you


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