Bali Scenery Resort (the new project near NAGA world)


The Bali Scenery Resort:


  • The entire is at the first row of Mekong River, Each unit consists of a large size balcony with excellent view; at the entrance gate patrol 24-hours security guards, and the public place security is ensured by 30 cameras about 100 parking spaces at the basement first and second floor can be used for free for householders.
  • 整個度假村為湄公河水岸第一排。每戶皆有大尺寸陽臺景觀極佳、大門出入口24小時保安巡邏及公共場所30個監控攝影安全保護、地下室及2樓約60個停車空間提供住戶免費停車。
  • All doors and windows are imported from Taiwan, with automotive grade tempered glass and noise insulation. Apartment units are equipped with packages bathroom and kitchen equipment, water heaters and lighting, equipment. Residents only need to buy air-conditioners and furniture and move in! Every unit has excellent light and can be stayed as home or office.
  • 所有門窗由台灣進口、採用汽車等級強化玻璃、隔音隔熱、交屋附整套衛浴設備、廚具設備、熱水器燈光設備、住戶只自備冷氣、傢俱、即可入住、每戶房間採光極佳、可當住家或辦公室使用。
  • Rental service center is also available, if you do not stay, you can rent, you don’t have to handle rental procedures, just open a bank account, the service center will transfer the rental money to your account at a regular basis. Nowadays,the rent provides you 10% profit of your house price. In other words, you can earn 1,000$ per month if you make 100,000$ investment. High rental return; small investment but big profit!
  • 設有房屋出租服務中心、您若不自住也可以出租、您不用自己辦理出租手續、只再銀行開戶、大樓服務中心定期存在房租金到您戶口、依目前房租市場租價約有10%投報率、換句話說,投資10萬,每月就有1仟美金租金可收,高租金報酬、小投資大賺錢。
  • We assist customers to prepare property transfer. Foreigner can register their own names with their passports. A house of your own!
  • 協助客戶辦理產權移轉、外國人用護照就可登記自己名下、一戶屬於自己的房子。


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